THE BRONX - Some speed limits in the Bronx will be changing as part of a new initiative put in place by the New York City Department of Transportation.

The DOT has planned to reduce speed limits by 5 mph on 14 major roadways throughout the five boroughs, including two in the Bronx.  

The first change will be in effect starting Aug. 5 and will cover Jerome Avenue from East 161st Street to Bainbridge Avenue.

The second speed limit change will be put in place along Third Avenue from East 138th Street to East 183rd Street. That change will take effect Nov. 4.

The DOT will be posting signs indicating that the speed limit has been reduced.  

The changes come after a fatal accident occurred along Jerome Avenue last month and a hit-and-run last year.

City officials say they are hoping that the speed reductions will make the community safer, and save lives.