THE BRONX - A disabled Bronx woman claims her bathroom is a safety hazard, saying she has been unable to regularly use her tub for close to three months.

Barbara Creighton, 59, says she has been dealing with leaks for five years, but claims it has gotten worse in the last three months. She also says she hasn't used her sink in two years.

She believes her leaky ceiling, which is enveloped by mold, is coming from her upstairs neighbor.

She says workers from the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development inspected her bathroom, and found plaster and paint issues.

Tenants tell News 12 that Jay Rand is the landlord of 1240 Woodycrest Ave., the building where Creighton lives.

News 12 spoke to Rand's secretary Monday, and she says the super will be contacting Creighton's fourth-floor neighbor, who may be the possible source of the leak.

The landlord says a building worker visited Creighton's apartment Saturday to inspect her bathroom ceiling, and expects for repairs to be completed Thursday.

Creighton, who walks with a cane, says the problem has disrupted her life.

She has a hearing on Wednesday in housing court. Even though she has lived in her apartment for more than 40 years, she says she is considering moving.