THE BRONX - The borough's top prosecutor announced a major gun-trafficking bust, codenamed "Operation Straight Outta Highbridge," Tuesday afternoon.

District Attorney Darcel Clark says 10 men have been indicted for allegedly transporting 50 weapons and more than 600 rounds of ammunition from Pennsylvania and Georgia to Highbridge. 

Clark says the suspects sold guns, including an AK-47-style rifle, to an undercover officer. They were expected to make another gunrunning trip to Texas before the bust.

Two of the suspects, Marvin and Melwin Guzman, are brothers from the Bronx. They allegedly used the nicknames "Cuba" and "MG," respectively, and were the operation's ringleaders. According to prosecutors, the brothers had cousins from Pennsylvania act as gunrunners from the other states.

The group faces various charges including multiple counts of criminal sale of a firearm and conspiracy. If convicted on the top charges, five of the suspects face up to 25 years in prison.

Police say that shootings are down 27 percent in the Bronx this year, and 20 percent citywide.