THE BRONX - The Department of Corrections presented an alternative plan for a new jailhouse in the Bronx Wednesday night.

Instead of a facility on the previously proposed Oaks Point site, the DOC is now considering a location near the Fulton Fish Market in Hunts Point.

The idea is to get rid of an 800-bed jail barge that has been taking up valuable shoreline area and build a 1,500-bed correctional facility near the market. In addition, the corrections department is promising to pledge $10 million to convert the area where the barge was stationed into green park space.

Although it may be an addition of 700 new jail beds to the Bronx, it is all a part of a larger plan to eliminate 3,000 jail beds citywide.

The DOC adds that housing Bronx inmates closer to the jail will save time and money and improve access to prisoner reform programs.