THE BRONX - One Bronx doctor is urging for e-cigarette regulations.

Dr. Uri Belkind, of Union Community Health Center, says the devices, which contain liquid nicotine and come in different flavors, can be appealing to teens.

"This is just another opportunity for them to smoke, for them to experiment and then get addicted to nicotine," he says.

E-cigarettes are currently regulated in New York City. The devices can't be bought by people under 21 and can't be smoked in places where traditional cigarette smoking is prohibited.

However, e-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA.

Sen. Chuck Schumer is calling on the government to require childproof caps and warning labels on the e-cigarette refill containers.

He says poison control centers in the state have gotten nearly 70 calls due to accidental poisonings.

Belkind hopes that the FDA will announce e-cigarette regulations by the end of the summer.

In the meantime, he says he will keep educating teens about smoking and living a positive lifestyle.