THE BRONX - July is HIV awareness month, and people at Montefiore Medical Center are using social media to fight the virus.

A team of doctors, along with several teenage peer leaders, developed a creative way to educate people about HIV. They say they realized that social media, like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, is a great way to reach a lot of people, especially young people. The team's project is called "The Sex Word."

Montefiore doctors say they want to reach out to residents because the Bronx has a higher HIV rate than the other boroughs, and the younger population has the highest increasing rates of HIV. About 2-3 percent of people in the borough have HIV, and anything above 1 percent is an extreme level, according to the doctors.

The doctors and peer leaders say they have been able to reach about 6,000-7,000 individuals, and that the informal tone of social media is key to their success.