THE BRONX - The city's Department of Education (DOE) announced today that it plans to close the book on 12 struggling public schools, including two here in The Bronx. The Bronx schools on the chopping block are James Addams High School and the Gateway School for Environmental Research and Technology. The middle school portion of a third Bronx school, the Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship, will also be phased out, officials say. Seven other low-performing schools are slated for closure in Brooklyn. Two more will be closed in Manhattan, plus another in Staten Island. The United Federation of Teachers called the move "another stunning failure of DOE management." The union says instead of simply closing the institutions, the department should "do the hard work of helping struggling schools." Students at James Addams say they received letters from school administrators this afternoon about the planned closure. Some of the students tell News 12 The Bronx that they're shocked and disappointed at the news.