THE BRONX - A charity golf event in the Bronx was overshadowed Monday by the recent controversy surrounding Donald Trump. 

The Republican presidential candidate made an appearance at the Hanks Yanks Golf Classic at Trump Golf Links in Ferry Point. He had teamed with New York Yankees owner Hank Steinbrenner to host the inaugural event. 

However, many Bronx residents want the city to cut ties with the Trump organization. Some even protested at his golf course last week following comments he made about Mexican immigrants bringing drugs and crime to the U.S. 

Trump held his ground on the subject, saying other people don't have the guts to address the problem of illegal immigration, which he believes is killing the country. 

Trump also seemed unaware that protesters were at his golf course. He said in part, "I love the people in the Bronx. They love me." In reference to building the borough's golf course he added, "Look what I did, nobody else could've done this." 

Still, Bronx residents say they don't know what he has done for them. They question how many people living here even go to the links.