The Department of Transportation says it will begin issuing bus lane camera warnings for Bronx drivers, beginning Monday.

The DOT says warnings will be issued along the Bx41 select bus service route with a warning period extending 60 days. After that, they say drivers will receive a violation. 

They say each bus lane has signs posted listing the hours of operation and that lanes are camera enforced. Drivers should remain informed about the program and understand warnings are issued against vehicles, not drivers so points are not deducted from a driver's license, the DOT says.  

They say camera enforcement is already being used on the Bx12, along the Fordham Road SBS corridor, M15, along the First Avenue and Second Avenue SBS corridors, M34, along the 34th Street SBS corridor, M60, along the 125th Street SBS corridor, B44, along the Nostrand Avenue and Rogers Avenue SBS corridor, S79, along the Hylan Boulevard-Richmond Avenue SBS corridor and along the Q44.

The DOT says in addition to the Bx41 route, the state authorization allows the expansion of the city's bus lane camera program to 16 total routes.