THE BRONX - The Department of Transportation is hoping that a redesign at a busy intersection in the Bronx will improve safety for bus riders and pedestrians.

A new pedestrian island is just one of several improvements at the busy intersection of Jackson and Westchester avenues.

The DOT, Community Board One and the group "Community Shopp" all came together to make changes to the area that in the past was an obstacle course for Bx4 bus riders who had to get on and off buses practically in the middle of traffic.

The area now has new crosswalks and painted curb extensions to go along with the pedestrian island. Officials say similar changes are already working elsewhere.

"Injuries are down citywide by 7 percent and pedestrian fatalities are down 23 percent," says Connie Moran, the DOT's Bronx borough commissioner. "What really brought us here were the seniors."

Seniors in the area say that they already feel much safer with the new design. The improvements are the latest product of Mayor Bill de Blasio's "Vision Zero" plan.

DOT officials say their next project similar to this is currently taking place further north, near St. Lawrence Avenue.