THE BRONX - A Bronx doctor returned to his own grade school to help little ones learn to eat healthier.

Dr. Daniel Olivero worked with kids at P.S. 18 on Morris Avenue to develop healthy food habits, which is something he says he struggled with while growing up in Mott Haven.

It's all part of a new initiative started by a local doctors union called the Family Health Challenge. It has health professionals work with community schools for eight weeks to teach them about food choices and portion control.

Olivero attended P.S. 18 in the 1980s and his own son is now a student. He says the same health issues exist for both of them, despite the years that have passed, and he hopes to do something to change that.  

The Family Health Challenge will be back in the Bronx this fall at P.S. 83. Organizers say they will also be working with an after-school program.