THE BRONX - A judge has denied today a motion to reduce bail for the driver in the fatal tour bus accident on I-95 back in March.

Ophadell Williams and his attorney, Patrick Bruno, were asking for his $250,000 bail to be reduced to $20,000. 

Williams has been in jail since September when he was arrested and charged with 15 counts of second-degree manslaughter. The judge kept his bail at $250,000, saying she considered the 15 years in jail Williams faces if he's found guilty, along with a murder conviction in his prior criminal record. 

Bruno maintained his client was only guilty of being tired while working, and that the whole thing was a tragic accident. 

"I'm not trying to minimize the loss of 15 lives, but this is a tragic, tragic motor vehicle accident," Bruno said.  

Williams crashed a tour bus filled with people as they were heading back from Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. Fifteen of the passengers were killed when the bus hit a metal divider and flipped over.

Williams is due back in court in mid-January so that a trial date could be set.