THE BRONX - A car was split in two after hitting a subway support column on 190th Street and Jerome Avenue, but the driver managed to walk away.
Fire officials say the driver of the vehicle walked away with minor injuries but looked disoriented according to a crossing guard that witnessed the wreck.
The crossing guard, Antoinette Oliver, says that the driver was speeding before the crash and that she was "fearing for [her] life [and] for the life of the children" during the incident.
Oliver, who has been a crossing guard for 27 years, says that she has seen several crashes in the same area. She feels more needs to be done to enforce safety rules in the area near Monroe College.
"We need traffic cops out here. We need some cops out here to assist me and crossing the kids," says Oliver.
The Department of Transportation says there are no pending traffic studies on the area, where they also reported 14 traffic-related injuries from 2010 through 2014.