Drivers complain of tractor-trailers ignoring Hutchinson River Parkway restrictions

Many say that truck drivers too often get on the roadway and crash into low-lying overpasses. (8/23/13)

THE BRONX - It was a traffic nightmare for some drivers on the Hutchinson River Parkway Thursday morning after another tractor-trailer crashed into a low-lying overpass.

Frustrated drivers complain that commercial vehicles too often either ignore or don’t pay attention to bold signs and banners warning that trucks are not allowed on the busy roadway, and stating the clearance height of bridges.

The state Department of Transportation says a multi-state task force is studying similar problems across the northeast. In a statement it added that, "Several practices, such as enhanced pavement markings and outreach to the trucking industry, have already been implemented.”

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Local lawmakers are also getting involved. U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer pitched legislation that would give drivers GPS training for their specific truck so that they don't venture off course and into an overpass.

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What's the best way to stop truckers from driving onto the Hutchinson River Parkway?

Better signage Better GPS Technology Tougher penalties

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