THE BRONX - The winter season isn't easing up just yet, and neither are the potholes, especially on the Major Deegan Expressway. 

Drivers are calling the Deegan the absolute worst in the Bronx for potholes, and say their cars take a beating every time they drive near exit 6. 

Many also complain that traveling on the battered roadway is only made worse by people constantly swerving or hitting the brakes in an attempt to spare their tires. 

However, a lot of people say that it's their only way to get to work in the morning. Some drivers are sympathetic toward the Department of Transportation workers who are trying to keep up with the craters.

The Department of Transportation says that workers have filled a record number of more than 150,000 potholes citywide this season, 30,000 of which are in the Bronx, and commuters hope the Deegan is next in line.