THE BRONX - As the crackdown on speeding and distracted driving continues, driving schools in the Bronx are trying to drill distracted driving out of the minds of new drivers.

"It's a problem that's not going to be easy to solve," said driving instructor Nuresh Vaswani. He says texting and driving is only getting worse.

One of Vaswani's students, Peter Reyes, says his teacher's warnings are much more than just cautionary tales, and he'll be keeping them fresh in his mind.

As part of Mayor de Blasio's 'Vision Zero' initiative, the NYPD paid special attention to distracted driving last week. More than 2,900 tickets were given out for using a cellphone while driving, and around 1,000 were issued for texting.

New York State's fine for using an electronic device while driving ranges from $50 to $150 for a first offense, and five points on your license.