THE BRONX - Local bakeries are feeling the hurt as they shell out more dough just to make theirs.

The spike in flour and wheat costs is making business rough for establishments that make and deal with bread all over the country. The Terranova Bakery in Belmont says the cost of its baking supplies has tripled.

"We got hit too hard," says owner Peter Terranova. "We didn't expect it."

Terranova says the inflated price of other supplies, like eggs and milk, has been rough as well. On top of that, the bakery has had to increase the surcharge on deliveries to make the money spent on gas.

Customers insist they'll remain loyal.

"This bread is good, and I will pay the money for it," says patron Tina Maceli.

Terranova Bakery says there will be a slight increase in store prices, but the bakery's main priority will continue to be keeping customers happy.