THE BRONX - Ecuadorians in New York City are turning to social media to make sure their loved ones are safe and accounted for after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake rattled the country Saturday night, killing at least 235 people.

Resident Carlos Guevara, a native of Ecuador, says he is worried about his loved ones, but the use of social media and phone applications have made it less challenging to communicate.

He says he is afraid there could be more aftershocks or tsunamis that would wreak even more havoc on an already devastated region.

The communication app "What's App" is popular in Ecuador, and people are using it to contact loved ones.

The earthquake is considered one of the worst to ever hit Ecuador, a country that sits on one of the most active seismic zones in the world.

Emergency crews have been flocking to rescue survivors, but road closures and mudslides have made access to some less accessible areas nearly impossible.