THE BRONX - The man suspected of brutally assaulting his pregnant daughter in Puerto Rico has been captured in the Bronx.

According to police, Edgar Randolph Crespo was recognized at a local homeless shelter by a News 12 viewer who had seen his photo on TV.

Lisa Cruz, the victim's mother, said that Crespo kicked his daughter, Chynna Crespo Cruz, in the stomach on Feb. 27 when she was just three weeks shy of delivery. The baby was born via emergency caesarian section and is now recovering in the hospital with his mother.

Cruz and her newborn boy, who is now less than 1 month old, are recovering in a Puerto Rican hospital after an emergency cesarean section.

Crespo appeared before a judge Friday night, where he waved extradition to Puerto Rico, meaning he may return to the Bronx court for his trial.