THE BRONX - Residents, some who are elderly or handicapped, have been struggling without an elevator at their Bronx apartment building. They say the elevator has been broken for two months and has been causing problems for everyone.

Rosa Batista says she and her family moved to the apartment because of its elevator, as her son Alivar suffers from cerebral palsy. With the elevator broken, Batista has to carry her son and his wheelchair up and down the stairs, or rely on whichever neighbors are around for help.

Others tell News 12 The Bronx they have to enter their apartment by taking the elevator to the roof of another building and climbing a wall. Residents say they have been complaining to the building's management company and have been ignored.

News 12 The Bronx has made repeated calls to 1150 Realty, the building's management company, and has gotten no response back.