THE BRONX - An elderly pedestrian is dead after being struck by three different cars at a busy Bronx intersection.

According to a police source, the person who first hit 74-year-old Angel Figueroa on East Tremont Avenue was taken into custody for driving with a suspended license.

Witnesses say Figueroa was tossed into the opposite lane, where he was hit by another car whose driver later left the scene. The man was then hit a third time by a livery cab.

The cab driver said that he attempted to keep the second driver at the scene, but was unsuccessful.

Anna Diaz, the victim’s daughter, told News 12 that Figueroa had been caring for his blind wife for the past few years and that he worked in a hospital for nearly 40 years. He was on East Tremont Avenue for a routine doctor’s appointment when he attempted to cross the street to move his car. A surveillance camera that recorded the incident shows that Figueroa was attempting to cross the street while oncoming traffic had a green light.

Local residents say that the intersection is dangerous with a history of accidents and speeding cars.