THE BRONX - For three years, 75-year-old Reather Jones says she has been battling mice, roaches and even snakes in her Soundview home. She also has holes in her walls and closets, and possible mold where the rain comes through.

Her daughter, Michelle, says the New York City Housing Authority paid a visit to her apartment, but only covered the holes in plastic to prevent rain water from leaking in.

After calling the NYCHA for a second time and getting no response, Jones called News 12 The Bronx for help.

A spokesperson from the NYCHA told News 12 The Bronx that a plasterer had been scheduled to drop by the apartment on Sept. 24. The official said that they will adjust and move up that date to accommodate Jones. An exterminator also came to the apartment and is expected to treat the apartment this Thursday for ants and roaches.