FORDHAM - A restaurant owner is complaining about his neighbors' sewage problem, saying it is scaring away customers.

The owner of Florinda Restaurant, located on Decatur Avenue and 149th Street, says that customers have to walk over feces and other stinky sewage to get to the restaurant.

The problem comes from an empty house right next to the mosque, the restaurant?s neighbor. Currently under renovation, officials from the Department of Environmental Protection say that 12 inspectors have visited the site and say that the problem has nothing to do with the city. They say the current owner, Sunsite Construction Corporation, has the responsibility to fix it.

The city's Department of Buildings has already issued multiple complaints and violations against both the mosque and the homeowner. The mosque says it does not have the money to file a lawsuit or hire a private contractor to investigate and fix the problem.

It is not yet known if the city will take further action in the near future.