THE BRONX - Dozens of auto shops are expected to move into Hunts Point this summer, but some worry about the environmental impact. 

Community Board 2 is calling for the city's Economic Development Corporation to evaluate the relocation of 50 automotive businesses from Queens. It complains that the city never vetted the area, which is already packed with auto shops, before Sunrise Co-op signed a lease. 

Many residents are also worried that it will only increase pollution and traffic in their neighborhood. They say that it's taken years to clean up Hunts Point and spruce up the local parks, and the auto shops will be a backward step. 

Sunrise Co-op is a collection of car-related repair, supply and services. Its shops are slated to open on Leggett Avenue in June, and most are family-owned and staffed. 
News 12 reached out to the EDC and Sunrise Co-op for comment, but has not yet heard back.