THE BRONX - Two recent incidents of random violence at the Mt. Eden and East 170th Street train stations have many local residents wondering whether the crimes were gang-related. Police are still searching for the woman who they say is randomly slashing female straphangers. Former corrections officer Jerome Rice says such acts of violence likely can be attributed to gang activity and are most prevalent during the Halloween and Valentine's Day holidays.

Except for the subway slashings, The Bronx has seen a slew of unprovoked attacks in recent days, including the murder of 50-year-old Jeffrey Taylor who was gunned down while waiting for a bus.

Gang experts are advising parents who suspect that their child may be associated with a gang to look for tell-tale signs like color coordination in clothing, tattoos, symbols, as well as any specific language being used.

Meanwhile, police are offering a $2,000 reward for anyone with information on the subway slashings.