THE BRONX - Residents who live in a Faile Street apartment building say they are afraid for their safety and are demanding that new cameras be installed and locks be fixed.

Bobby Dixon says his friend died in the staircase of 868 Faile St. after being shot last month. He believes that if there were working cameras in the building, the person who shot him might be behind bars.

Resident Linda Morris, 50, says her $1,000 electric scooter was stolen from the first floor of the building. She says she couldn’t get her scooter up to her third-floor apartment because there was no elevator.

"Just like he took this scooter, there's a lot of women who work at nighttime, and if there's no protection, somebody could wait there with a knife and kill us," she says.

Morris says she is now concerned about how is she going to bring her daughter to school.

News 12 reached out to the owners of the building. He said that brand new cameras will cost about $15,000 and that he plans to install them within a month.