MOTT HAVEN - A Mott Haven family alleges that several New York City police officers brutalized them on New Year's Eve - and have pictures to prove it.

A celebration to ring in 2009 turned into a nightmare for a Brook Avenue family. According to the Serranos, police responded to a noise complaint at their New Year's Eve party and kicked in the door to their apartment.

The family says they didn't give the officers permission to enter because they didn't have a warrant, but the police went in anyway.

"[There were] 15 officers in my hallway, like maybe five or six of them holding me up," says Emilio Serrano.

Emilio Serrano alleges police bruised his face and stomach and his stepmother, Nancy Serrano, says police bruised her arm.

Once inside, the family says, police used pepper spray on party guests.

Police arrested the Serranos, who spent New Year's Day in jail. The family says it is taking legal action.

The NYPD tells News 12 The Bronx that Internal Affairs is investigating the allegations.