THE BRONX - Parkchester became Gotham City Sunday night in honor of a man who helped impact lives, even after his death.

After a long battle with a rare brain condition known as an arteriovenous malformation or "AVM," Bronx resident Andrew Rivera died of a massive stroke.

Before he passed away, Rivera was given the opportunity to donate his organs, which doctors said would impact at least eight other lives. He agreed without a second thought.

Rivera's family decided to say goodbye in the only way they saw fit - with a superhero-themed wake.

"Donating his organs to the recipients, we decided we needed to embrace the hero thing because he is a hero for saving all of these lives," said his widow, Ashley Rivera.

"He's going to be watching over us and everyone here. It makes me feel good to know that he's our angel and he's our number one hero," said Johnny Rivera, Andrew's brother.