THE BRONX - A Bronx family says their power was cut off for nine days after their landlord neglected to pay electricity bills for two years.

According to Liona Colon, a $7,000 Con Edison bill arrived in her name for the first time in two years. Colon has a signed letter claiming her landlord, Anjelique Tocco, was supposed to be paying for electricity during that time.

Community activist Awilda Cordero helped get the Colon family?s power turned back on. Cordero says there is proof the landlord signed and notarized a letter concerning the Section 8 agreement, which determines who is responsible for paying heat and electric bills. Tocco says she didn?t know the bill wasn?t paid because the lease says Colon is responsible for paying it.

Based on the signed letters Colon presented to a judge, Tocco is responsible for paying the large bill. Colon says after Tocco pays the remainder of the $7,000 bill, they will go to court to clarify the lease agreement.