THE BRONX - A former Bronx man has been missing for almost two months after he took off on a plane from Nigeria heading toward Cameroon, and his family fears foul play.

Pilot Bill Fitzpatrick has been missing since June 22.

The former Bronx resident is an anti-poaching pilot for the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, one of the largest national wildlife preserves in Africa.

According  to the family and reports, Fizpatrick reported to the control tower at Douala, Cameroon on Sunday night that he was approaching the city, but the Cessna 172 did not land.

"My brother would never fly at night in a small plane in an unfamiliar territory," says his brother, Ken Fitzpatrick.

The family is asking the White House to step in.  

They have a petition online and are asking everyone to sign it to get the president's help.