THE BRONX - Two men who robbed a grocery store in 2012 have been sentenced to 17 and 13 years in prison, but the family of the 20-year-old who died that morning at the hands of police is still seeking answers.

In September of 2012, a city police officer shot and killed bodega worker Reynaldo Cuervas, who ran right into the officer as he was fleeing an armed robbery at his workplace.

While Cuervas' family is relieved to see the men who robbed the store go to prison, they're still calling on the city to take responsibility for their loved one's death. They don't believe that Officer Ramysh Bangali followed appropriate procedure, and they've slapped the city with a $25 million lawsuit.

"He was really negligent," one family member said of the officer. "And it's not right that he still carries a badge four years later."

The lawsuit had been put on hold until the sentencing of the two robbers. Now Cuervas' family hopes to get some closure. They'll be back in court on May 24.