THE BRONX - The family of a murdered deli worker met with the Bronx district attorney Wednesday to demand justice for their loved one.

Wali Camara, 49, was shot and killed last week when police say Efrain Guzman grabbed a police officer's gun and fired 15 rounds before being shot by officers.

Mody Doucoure, Camara's brother-in-law, met with Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark to be briefed on the status of the investigation.

"The family is requesting the maximum penalty under the law for Guzman, who grabbed the police officer's gun from his holster and shot and killed Wali Camara, an innocent victim," says Sanford Rubenstein, the attorney representing the family members of Camara.

Guzman allegedly got into a fight with workers inside a Valentine Avenue bodega near East 19th Street in Bedford Park prior to the shooting.

When officers went inside, they escorted him out of the deli, but he allegedly grabbed one of the officer's guns.

Since 2014, the NYPD has been replacing old gun hostlers with new ones that lock weapons in all directions. The department says that so far, more than 8,000 officers have been trained using the new holsters.

Guzman is scheduled to face a judge on Thursday.