NEW YORK - The family of a teenager who was allegedly shoved into a glass window by police earlier this week stood with Reverend Al Sharpton Saturday to speak out against the incident.

Javier Payne, 14, was taken to the hospital where he received 50 stitches after going through a window last weekend while he was being arrested. 

Police say Payne and a 13-year-old friend of his assaulted a man on Arthur Avenue after he refused to give them a cigarette.

They say the teen pulled away during the arrest and accidentally fell through the glass.

Payne's family and Rev. Sharpton gathered at the National Action Network office, saying they have different view of the events. According to them, Payne was already in handcuffs and had exchanged some words with the officer when he was shoved through the glass by the officer.

Sharpton says that whatever Payne and his friend did should be handled solely in court, and that the exhibited behavior is unacceptable for a trained officer.

Sharpton says he met with Police Commissioner William Bratton to discuss this case.

Police have confirmed that a sergeant was placed on modified assignment until further notice.