PARKCHESTER - A Parkchester family has been living with large amounts of mold in their apartment since September and say they haven’t received much help.

Md Aminul Islam and his family say they have been experiencing issues since moving into their Unionport Road apartment in August 2014. He says the mold has spread into one of their bedrooms so that they can no longer use the room.

He says the mold is affecting his family’s health. Islam took off 140 hours from work to tend to the medical needs of himself, his wife and their son.

Islam says he contacted Parkchester Preservation Management and the city’s Department of Housing and Preservation Development, but neither has done anything to sufficiently fix the problem. "So many times by phone, first from September, October, November and December, I contacted every week and so many people, nothing happened, no initiative for repair," says Islam.

Islam went to court in January, but was unsuccessful in securing any help.

News 12 reached out to Parkchester Preservation Management. They declined to comment.