BROOKLYN - A large fire tore through six buildings in Bushwick Tuesday night, displacing dozens of people and destroying homes and businesses.

It happened on Dekalb Avenue around 10 p.m.

Fire officials say 11 people were treated for minor injuries, including a firefighter.

Red Cross officials say at least 60 people lived in the badly burned buildings, and 21 families were displaced. Many of them were undocumented, according to the city’s public advocate, Letitia James.

Business owner Homny Peña says the fire destroyed his karate school. 

He says six of his students returned Tuesday night from a tournament in Las Vegas, bringing back 15 medals. A pile of trophies poked out from the rubble outside as Peña nearly broke down in tears.

"My kids were so happy last night when they brought home these medals to show the other kids, and now it's a disaster," Peña says.

The school had been there for five years.