NEW YORK - More than 200 firehouses and EMS stations across the city opened their doors to the public on Saturday for the FDNY's 150th anniversary.

Getting kids excited about fire safety and learning how to be prepared is all a part of the bigger plan.

"We want to show them what we do on an everyday basis and we also want to tell them to tell their families this is a career that their families could follow if they would like to," said Israel Miranda, President of Uniformed Personnel.

The FDNY says reaching 150 years is definitely something to celebrate, but keeping families safe is their number one priority.

One thing they want to stress is the importance of having working smoke detectors in homes.

"We find that 75 percent that have lost a life in our city there is no working smoke alarm in the home and that speaks for itself. You should not think of being in a home without a smoke alarm and without a CO alarm," said Daniel Nigro, FDNY Fire Commissioner.

The Red Cross is handing out more than 6,000 smoke detectors to people who don't have them in their homes.