THE BRONX - The below-freezing weather blanketing the region could potentially be a danger to residents.

News 12 The Bronx reporter Reena Roy recommends lots of layers, hats, scarves and gloves when going outside, and the FDNY is offering tips for residents to stay safe and warm indoors, too.

Fire officials warn against trying to use a gas oven or stove as a source of heat. That can cause fires or carbon monoxide poisoning, which they say can be fatal.

They recommend keeping electric heaters at least 3 feet away from the bed, away from blankets, and also say residents shouldn't put electric heaters in their bathrooms because that would be too close to water.

The FDNY also discourages the use of secondhand electric blankets, and says residents shouldn't put extra blankets on top of them either.

They also recommend having professionals check boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters to ensure they're in proper working order.