THE BRONX - After a weekend of battling devastating and fatal fires in the Bronx, the FDNY is offering tips to avoid fire emergencies.

Lt. Anthony Mancuso says the three main causes of fires are cooking, candles and smoking. Two of the latest major fires in the Bronx were caused by candles.

To prevent fires caused by candles, firefighters recommend the use of battery-operated candles.

Kitchen fires can be prevented by staying near the stove, making sure the stove is shut off and never using the stove for heat.

Smokers should douse with water whatever they are smoking before they throw it out.

Mancuso says that bed-side heaters are also a concern.

"Electric space heaters should be plugged right into the wall. They shouldn't be plugged into extension cords or power strips. And you should run your heater while you're awake," says Mancuso.

The FDNY also recommends preparing for a fire by drawing a map of the home and all of its escape routes, and then having fire drills.