FERRY POINT - Residents of a Ferry Point community are speaking out against an invasion of their streets by tractor trailers, which is negatively affecting their quality of life.

Despite the signs that read ?No Trucks over 5 Tons,? neighbors say large trucks are driving through their narrow streets and using them as shortcuts on their way to Whitestone Bridge.

"The streets aren't geared up for that," says Thomas Accomonado, of Ferry Point. "Plus, they keep you up."

Residents say in the past there was a ?One Way? street sign meant to prevent trucks from entering the neighborhood, but it was knocked down by a tractor trailer.

Now, they are asking the Department of Transportation to install a new sign.

A spokesperson for the DOT says that in order to resolve the truck problem in Ferry Point, Community Board 10 must vote on a solution first and then present it to the department.

According to the community board, they will hold a vote on the issue in the near future.