BRONX RIVER - After years of being neglected, one part of the Bronx River has gotten a much needed makeover that is helping the fish that live there.

Years of hard work and almost $2 million was needed to help create a small passageway that will make a big difference for thousands of fish.

"What we're doing here on the Bronx River is allowing herring to actually be able to spawn, which is to lay eggs in an environment that they haven't been in for four centuries," said Mitchell Silver, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

Because of the passageway, the herring will now be able to reproduce more easily in the area.

Instead of getting stuck in front of a dam, river herring coming all the way from Canada will be able to get past the dam using a new ramp.

Officials say that the new passage will help save the fish population, as well as make the river healthier.