THE BRONX - Three children who fell into the water off the Tiffany Street Pier were rescued by a quick-thinking fisherman Monday.

Moises Morina, a frequent fisherman at Barreto Point Park, says he was casting a line when he says the children were playing on rocks covered in seaweed near the water and fell in.

"I called 911, explained the situation and they sent the fire department over," Morina says.

He says rescue crews made it to the water within 10 minutes and tossed a raft to the children to pull them to safety.

Morina says the children looked no older than 10 years old and scared.

"A little nervous because they didn't know how to swim, so I just tried to keep them calm," he says.

Morina says he didn't see any parents near the children before or after they fell into the water.