HUNTS POINT - As Passover nears, some Jewish families are counting on the Food Bank for New York City to help them through the holiday.

The food bank and kosher charities are packing food into gift bags to help feed families in need. According to the food bank, one in four Jewish households live in poverty across the five boroughs.

The bags include food staples such as fresh potatoes, onions, carrots and apples.

"Regardless of what background and the diversity that you come from, we really want to make sure that we provide the resources so that you can make sure you are able to fulfill your requirements for the Passover holiday," says Zenita Tisdale, of Food Bank for New York City.

Food Bank for New York City distributed approximately 5.7 million kosher meals in 2015. The organization plans to distribute approximately 1 million pounds of fresh produce this year.

Passover begins a week from Friday at sundown.