THE BRONX - Food pantries across the Bronx are struggling to serve those in need following the weekend’s blizzard.

Many food pantries in the Bronx are looking for donations to help stock shelves with food.

City of Faith Church of God in Williamsbridge has been serving thousands of needy people in the borough for 20 years. The pantry is open every Tuesday for three hours in the afternoon, and serves as many as 120 Bronx residents during that time.

Each person who comes to the food pantry receives a plastic bag, filled with items such as orange juice, sardines, cereal and rice.

Since the snowstorm, many of the food pantry’s resources have run out, causing them to turn people away. 

Bishop Courton Reid, of City of Faith Church of God, says the church is trying to be a solution to the problem of hunger in the Bronx, but is in need of donations.

“We are looking for funding, we are looking for donors who can give food or money to help us,” says Bishop Reid. 

Bishop Reid tells News 12 the Bronx that with the help of donations, he hopes the food panty will be able to open several days during the week, and not only on Tuesdays.