THE BRONX - Bronx residents are learning more about the dangers of synthetic marijuana.

It is called "K2" and officials say it has been plaguing the streets of the borough since early April.

Health professionals at North Central Hospital came together Tuesday to talk about the dangers of the drug in a forum hosted by Community Board 7.

K2, spice, red giant and wicked are a just few of the names the drug goes by. Health professionals say it's still one of the deadliest drugs currently available.

They say that within the first few months of 2015, they noticed more people coming into hospitals with adverse effects from using the drug, including paranoia, hallucinations, seizures and heart failure.

Community members say the drug is being sold in local bodegas and is being made to be appealing to kids.

Community Board 7 members say that they are the first board in New York City to sponsor a forum about the drug.