THE BRONX - Residents in Throgs Neck are taking action to remove signs along major roads that display fraudulent phone numbers on them.

Signs advertising "cash for cars" and "donate your car" are being placed so high on street signs and telephone poles that people are sometimes unable to reach and remove them.

Active community members have been doing their best to take the signs down, but in return, new ones are posted higher and are bigger in size.

John Morano, of Community Board 10, says he has had enough. He is doing all he can to remove the illegitimate ads, including ripping them down himself.

Alternatively, Bronx residents can call 311 to prevent the placement of the signs in their neighborhood.

Councilman James Vacca says that people who actually call the numbers posted on the signs are being scammed.

"These numbers lead to nowhere," he says. "I would just hope that people would not pursue those phone numbers. There is that off chance that someone not knowing how fraudulent they are would be caught into a scam."

While some signs may be posted for legitimate services, the placement of signs or stickers on public property is subject to violations and fines.