THE BRONX - Customers of New Hawaii Sea restaurant lined up outside Lehman High School for the final day of free vaccinations after confirmed cases of hepatitis A were discovered last week.

The restaurant was shut down after one employee and five patrons tested positive for hepatitis A. Dr. Jay Varna, from the city’s Department of Health, says the restaurant wasn’t closed due to hygiene issues. They needed to make sure the employees were not infected in an effort to stop the spread of the disease.

The vaccination clinic, which was open over the weekend, gave shots to more than 2,500 people who recently ate at the restaurant or ordered takeout food.

Officials say New Hawaii Sea was given the green light by the city’s Department of Health on Saturday to reopen, but the restaurant has yet to open its doors.

Employees of the restaurant declined to comment about the hepatitis scare to News 12. It is not clear when they will invite customers back to the popular eatery.