CROTONA PARK - A free summer program is teaching the youth of the Bronx how to ride a bike. 

On Friday, the program visited Crotona Park to teach dozens of kids how to get up on two wheels.

The program is called Bike New York, and it offers free afterschool programming to community-based organizations and schools. Kids in afterschool programs are brought to Bike New York, and they spend the day teaching kids how to ride and be safe on a bicycle. 

The instructors of the program are interns in the NYC Summer Youth Employment Program, which employs 60,000 young people across the city. The program aims to help interns develop career skills. 

At least 1,000 kids will learn to bike ride across the city this summer. But the program isn’t only for kids as adults can also sign up for weekend classes. 

Classes are also available in the spring and fall in Van Cortlandt, Crotona and St. Mary’s parks.