THE BRONX - Online grocer FreshDirect is making good on its promise to create hundreds of jobs for Bronx residents as it moves ahead with constructing its brand-new headquarters.

The 500,000-square-foot building is being built in Mott Haven.

FreshDirect Vice President Larry Scott Blackmon says the company has so far hired more than 100 individuals from the Bronx alone, a feat of which he is proud.

Bronx natives Juan Quinones and Claribel Aviles are two of the 100 workers. Quinones has worked in shipping for the past six months and Aviles has worked in the grocer's bakery. Both say they are elated about the job opportunity and cannot wait to move into the new headquarters.

Some are in opposition to FreshDirect's new location in the southern part of the borough. When the facility opens next year, hundreds of trucks will be driving through areas that are plagued with respiratory diseases such as asthma. South Bronx Unite co-founder Mychal Johnson says that while the borough is in need of jobs, it is important to balance the ability to breathe clean air with the ability to work.

FreshDirect says that it plans to host a job fair in the Bronx within the next two months.