THE BRONX - A local day care center could lose financial aid or close due to budget cuts to the city?s Administration for Children?s Services.

Some day care centers, like The United Bronx Parents Day Care Center, may be forced to close because ACS must cut its funding to day care centers throughout the city. According to city officials, ACS will reduce financial aid to 21 of the city?s 500 day care centers beginning in January to save money. ACS is looking to reduce spending by $62 million.

Staffers at United Bronx Parents Day Care Center are shocked that their center will be considered for funding cuts. They say they serve 110 children on a daily basis and that their enrollment is maxed out. They currently have a waiting list and get consistent good reviews from ACS and the Department of Health. If closed, staffers say they will protest.

City officials will announce next week the 21 day cares that will face financial aid reduction. They say they are considering those centers that have persistent vacancies. According to the ACS commissioner, if funding cuts are not made now, they will be forced to close day care centers.

AP wire reports contributed to this article.