THE BRONX - Family, friends and about 100 colleagues gathered Tuesday to say goodbye to an NYPD officer who served the Bronx. 

Officer Richard Christopher was killed when he drove the wrong way on the New York State Thruway last week. Police say the 32-year-old's pickup truck collided with another vehicle, also killing that driver. 

Loved ones speculate that fatigue played a role in the crash. They say Christopher had been working long shifts with the NYPD. 

A preliminary autopsy found no evidence of drugs or alcohol, but further blood tests will take several weeks.

In addition to his time with New York's finest, Christopher also served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan. He leaves behind a fiancée, who is pregnant with their child. 
There had been some controversy leading up to the final farewell as the NYPD allegedly banned fellow officers from wearing uniforms to the funeral due to negative publicity.